Spanish cooking of Tadashi Kase.

To the readers.
  It introduces the Spanish cooking in English.
  This time, it is "Drunk vegetable" Gazpacho Andaluz of summer of Andalucia, Tortilla and Sangria.

@‚S`‚U Five eggs, two potatoes and one onion. olive oil 80cc, salt teaspoon 1 and pepper.. a little.


  How to make
  1 The skin is peeled off, and the potato and the onion are sliced.
  2 The potato and the onion olive oil are put in the frying-pan, the lid is done, and it boils by the medium flame for 30
`40 minutes.
  3 The vegetable, the salt, and the pepper are added to the egg.


  4 The lid is done to a small frying-pan and it burns by the medium flame during 5
`6 minute.
  5 It turns it inside out when becoming light brown. It burns again during 5
`6 minute.


When the egg is turned inside out, it is good to use a large plate.


Tortilla is an omelet of Spain. Tortilla has the potato and the onion in the egg. The people in Spain are the beers and wine while eating Tortilla with Bar.

Gazpacho Andaluz

Material (For four).
Two tomatoes , cucumbers 1/2 , Onion 1/4, 1 red piment , 2 garlic splinters, French bread 1/4`1/5, 1/4 wine vinegar cups, 1 cumin teaspoon, and saltE pepper and 1/5 olive oil cups.

How to make

1 A tomato, red piment , the onion, the cucumber, and garlic are cut small, and it puts it on the mixer.
  2 The olive oil and the wine vinegar are added.
  3 Bread and cumin are added.
  4 The salt and the pepper are added, and it makes it to the desired taste.
  5 It coldly cools it. (You may float ice even if it puts it in the refrigerator)
  6 The square cut etc. of the tomato, cucumber, red piment and bread are floated.

The gazpacho Andaluz is "Drunk vegetable" of summer of Spain.

  It is drink created in Andalucia of  Spain. Sangria cools it with a refrigerator well and drinks. Even if the sangria just floats ice, and it drinks, it is the Spanish drink which is delicious at all even if add soda water. As for the fruit, apple, kiwi, grape, peach, pear are recommended.


Red wine 375cc, brandy tablespoon 1, gum syrup , orange 1, lemon 1/2,  a half apple, Kiwi.

How to make

1@You cut an orange and a lemon into round slices first.
@You bark apple and kiwi next and slice it.
3@You mix red wine, brandy, gum syrup well.  add fruit next and cool it with @a refrigerator.
@You may add soda water even if you just drink sangria or float ice.

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