@@@@@@@@It is Paella expert on the weekend.
@How to make
Paella de Mariscos@|@Scorching of Paella.


   For material 3`4
Clam 10`15. Shrimp 4`5. Cut it Crab 4`5. Chicken. 1/2 paprikas. One green peas can. 1/2 onions. Garlic 3`4 splinter. 1/2 lemons. Three cups no rinsed rice. Olive oil. Four consommes. Six cups water or less. Saffron 0.2`0 .3 grams.
  How to make
Paella pan of Spain. @@The saffron is crushed roasting it.
 1 Garlic and the onion are stir-fried with the olive oil of 2 big spoon .
 2 The crab, the prawn, and chicken are stir-fried, and taken out.


The crab, the shrimp and chicken are stir-fried with garlic and the onion.

 3 Rice is stir-fried until transparent.

 4 It shuts off the heat once. The crab, the prawn, chicken, the clam, green peas and the paprika are added. Soup is added, and the lid is done. The crab, the prawn, and the paprika, etc. are beautifully decorated.


The rate of gold of rice and water is 1:2.

 5 Six is boiled from the medium flame by the low flame.
  6 It cooks and Paella that goes up is "Steam" during 15
`20 minute.
 7 The lemon is decorated.

 8 Scorching of Paella. Scorching in addition puts Paella on the fire until being possible to do.
It is the first five minutes in the medium flame. I will think that it can scorch in five minutes in the low flame afterwards.

                             @@Patatas con Ariori
For material 4
`5@Three potatoes and/green peas can 50G, 1 tuna can, and potato chips. One garlic splinter, one yolk,lemon soup large spoon 1, olive oil 100CC and salt Pepper least.


@ How to make
1 Garlic is grated.
2 The yolk and the lemon are put in the bowl.
  3 It mixes it olive oil 100cc least adding. It makes it to the desired taste with the salt and     @Pepper.

  1 The skin of the potato is peeled off, and it boils it. It cuts it in the unit size.
@Piment is minced.
  3 The Ariori source, the potato, Piment, green peas, and the canned tuna are mixed.
  4 It dishes up to the plate, and potato chips are decorated.

                                    BOQUERONES a la Plancha

   For material 2`3
  Olive oil big spoon 5 Asardine 3`4AGarlic 2`3 splinter, half onion, one potato, flour and rock salt.


  How to make

  1 The sardine opens, washes, and shakes flour.
   2 The potato is boiled.
   3 Garlic is sliced.
   4 The olive oil is put in the frying-pan, and garlic, the onion, and the potato are stir-fried @@with the medium flame.

   5 When garlic becomes light brown, the rock salt is added. Garlic, the onion, and the potato are @taken out.
   6 The sardine is put in the frying-pan, and it stir-fries with the medium flame.

  7 When the sardine becomes light brown, it seasons with the rock salt.
  8 Finally garlic, the onion, and the potato are affixed.

  For material 2`4
Sardine 4`6. Two garlic splinters. Parsley. White wine vinegar or vinegar. Water half cup. Olive oil 50cc.@ salt and pepper.

How to make
  1 The sardine is cooked to three pieces.
  2 Salt teaspoon 1/2 falls, and is put for 30 minutes.
  3 The sardine is washed in water, and water is wiped off.
  4 One cup white wine vinegar and water are mixed. (Or, one cup vinegar )
  5 The sardine is soaked to 4, and it lets stand overnight in refrigerator.
  6 The water is wiped up, and one hour marinade is done to the mince of the olive oil garlic.
  7 The salt and the pepper are added, and it makes it to the desired taste. 8 Parsley is added.

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