Imperial Palace marathon rally report of independence the 112nd anniversary in the Philippines.

Sunday, June 6, 2010.
                           PSRCI Tadashi Kase

Ladies and gentlemen, how are you?
  Thank you for a lot of participation of you as for the marathon rally for Independence Day, June 6.
The rally ended by your a lot cooperation back of the success.

Hakone-ekiden Relay Race champion team. Hikaru Tominaga captain, Jyun Nobutou
 and Yasuhiro Hokota player's at Toyo University running was wonderful.
It was running of the Hakone-ekiden Relay Race team though did.
Thank you very much.

The profit of the rally was donated as a school construction fund of the Philippines. Thank you.
The photograph of the rally is improved as follows.


Sakuradamon in Imperial Palace marathon rally starting point of Philipino Independence Day on Sunday, June 6, 2010.
A lot of players of each country who wait for start at 9:15.


Three Toyo University players before it starts.
Hokota player, Nobutou player and Tominaga captain from the left.


It is a start of the Imperial Palace marathon rally at Philipino Independence Day.
Three players of Toyo University can be seen.


Tominaga captain, Nobutou player and Hokota player at Toyo University that toward goal.
It is Hakone-ekiden Relay Race player though done by three players' speeds that pass the presence.


Tominaga captain, Nobutou player and Hokota player after race ends.
Three players' smiles are smiles of the young person who was able to contribute to the international goodwill.
Ladies and gentlemen, thank you really.
I am sincerely thanks.