Eight slopes of the Tokawa town

 1 O-michi ― An omikoshi passes at the time of a ceremony once in 20 years.

2 Anba-dori ― There is an Osugi shrine which the fishermen of Takagami prayed for    the big catch and built.

3  Nagaya-dori It is as there having been nagaya of Jirouemon
 Jirouemon Sakiyama lived in along this way.


4  Sin-ura dori ― The point which went down the slope was Sin-ura.


5 Itijo-dori ― When it went to the west straight “Itijo dori”.It was
          able to arrive at the town in Choshi.


6 Isshin-dori― Once, this passage was the center of Tokawa's town.


7 Motoura-dori ― The point which went down the hill was Tokawa's
          “ Motoura harbor”.


8 Jobo-dori ― Since there was "temple" in the middle of this hill,
          it came to be called
Jobo dori.



      Tokawa Station of retro Choshi Denki Tetsudo


    Tokawa Station was built in 1923 and has resulted soon as history
    as it is. It gets off at Tokawa Station, and when a slope is gone
    down, there is a Tokawa harbor.



The waiting room of Tokawa Station will fall behind the times
    still in the state about the middle of the 20th century.


    Tokawa's house has a large window and, moreover, the sea looks
    well. A fisherman's house has a very early morning. When a
    fisherman gets up in the morning, a "calm" and "stormy weather"
    can be seen from a window.


If it looks at Tokawa's town from the Tokawa harbor, you may rank
    with a gently-sloping hill beautifully, and it is fixed.
   Tokawa's town is a town built intentionally.

                   To Chokuro inari Nagasaki Chosi