Chokuro Inari in Choshi Nagasaki

Written by Tadashi Kase

The shrine "Chokuro Inari" is located on the heights in Nagasaki, Choshi-shi. Chokuro Inari was built about 350 years ago by fisherman called Chokuro.
  Chokuro came to Choshi from Wakayama Prefecture together with Jiroemon Sakiyama which built Tokawa's town and harbor. Tokawa's people were calling it " Chokuro Inari".  Once upon a time, Chokuro Inari was devastated Inari. However, Tokawa's people contributed money in 2,002 and made shrine pavilions new.

The torii of the entrance of a shrine is golden. I have not
 seen golden torii once.

 The torii in front of a main shrine is red, and the Pacific saury
 and the sardine are drawn. In Tokawa's harbor, many sardines were
   caught a long time ago. The shrine hoped to take a sardine again
   and was newly built by Tokawa's people.


 The Pacific Ocean can be seen from Chokuro Inari. In addition,
   Mt. Fuji can be seen on a fine day. There is Chokuro Inari about
  100 m ahead from the "Nagasaki en" north side.

  The Pacific Ocean from Chokuro Inari is a very beautiful view. If standing it on Chokuro Inari, you can understand that Tokawa is open sea.
  The front is the Tokawa harbor. And a left hand side is a town in Nagasaki.



The town in Nagasaki


The town in Nagasaki is the colony opened in the east in Inubo-saki. Nagasaki is the land which is less than 1 meter from marine height.
Therefore, the town has prevented tsunami on the bank. In addition, since the wind from the sea is very strong, the stone was stacked and the wind has been prevented.
The town in Choshi Nagasaki is located in the easternmost end of the Choshi peninsula. It is the town made from Tokawa's town on the seashore which went down the hill.
The town in Nagasaki is surrounded on the high bank. It is for protecting a town from tsunami and high tide.


In addition, the houses of Nagasaki were also enclosed with the stone wall which prevents a strong sea breeze. However, now, the stone wall is also being lost. That is because the necessity was lost in a strong new residence.

New torii of sea bream in Inarijinja


A sardine could catch a Tokawa harbor in Choshi. However, a sardine can't be caught like the past now. Moreover a harbor has been broken in tsunami of a big earthquake of 3.11.
Fishermen of my home town are hoping to become an old Tokawa harbor. Choukurou shrine is built in a hill in Hiyoriyama in Choshi-shi Takagami. It's possible to see Mt. Fuji in the other side of the Pacific horizon from a hill in Hiyoriyama.

A digest of the good seafood I introduced in the senior English conversation classroom.

I was born at fisherman's house.I was born in 1941.So an end of the Pacific War was 4 years old. Sardine was eaten daily at fisherman's town. Sardine was cooked by sashimi, tempura, tsukudani, a dumpling and namerou, etc. So I introduce a dish of a town in a harbor.

(1) Slices of raw fish


I'll recommend you sashimi from harbor almost. It's sashimi of "Kinme dai" "tuna" "flatfish" from the left.

2Sardine sashimi and French fried in Mehikari.


3Tuna croquette and sardine tempura.


4Sashimi from Flat - fish and seafood on rice bowl.


5Peanut tofu and sardine salad.


There is peanut from Yachimata in peanut tofu. Sardine salad is a delicacy in a port town.

6A sardine dumpling is made with sardine.

 My nostalgic dish. The sardine dumpling is very good. However, a sardine dumpling is children's very healthy meal. I suggest to everyone for children's growth.

7"Seaweed" "Noge nori laver" and "Hisio". 
There is much seaweed in a beach in Tokawa. Soy sauce is made from Hisio. Hisio is made with soybeans, wheat, koji and salt.


8The sardine set menu and Amatarou yaki baking.


The sardine set menus are sashimi, tempura, tsukudani, teriyaki and a dumpling, etc. Of course, everything is sardine.


And an addition is Amatarou yaki baking in Sano ya shop.

A fish market in Choshi


A fish market in Choshi has been finished mostly.I visited a fish market after a long time.Then big tuna was placed on a market.Today's evening, this tuna is sold at a market.This tuna does tasting by a tail and puts a tag in.I was very happy because I saw tuna after a long time from Choshi fish market.