Memories of Spain travel

Wednesday, December ‚R.
 Written by Tadashi Kase.

  We were eight members in the senior English conversation class, and it enjoyed the Spain travel. It is a travel diary of eight days from November 19, 2009.


Thursday, November 19
We have gone to Madrid in Spain until Thursday, 19th through Thursday, 26th in November.
It took 17 hours from Tokyo International Airport to the Madrid international airport by airplane. We went from the airport to the hotel by minibus.It was at 11:30 PM that we arrived at the hotel.

Vino Nuevo in 2009
We looked for bar.
  We found bar in the next at the hotel.
Time when we had arrived at bar was 11:55 PM, November 19th. I heard it by bar.

A Good evening d Do you have the vino nuevo in 2009 ?
B Yes, it is.However, it is already 11:55 today. There are only five another minutes.
A Thank you very much. For us, the five minutes are important.Is there an aceitunas ?
B Yes, it is.
A Please give the aceitunas to me a little.
B Yes, please.
We drank the vino nuevo in 2009. Srta. Keiko did the tasting. The vino nuevo was delicious wine in both colors, smells and the tastes. It was muy bien though drank with the aceitunas.

    Friday, November 20.
I got up at 4:30. Actually, I was not able to sleep well though I slept late last night. I seem already to be a jet lag.I had breakfast at 7:30. I ate bread, bacon and eggs and the cheese with milk. I drank the espresso coffee after breakfast. I love coffee of Spain. The first Spain travel day is Segovia in Old Town.

    In the box office of the shuttle bus.
A Good morning. Please give to me by eight Segovia round trip tickets.
  How much is it?
  B They are 96 Euro in all.
  A They are 100 Euro.
  B It is change of four Euro.

  We went to Segovia by the shuttle bus at 10:30. From Madrid to Segovia is almost 100 kilometers. The shuttle bus was exceeded mountains and Sierra de Guadarama, and arrived at Segovia in almost one hour.First of all, we went sightseeing in Puente de Romana by Segovia. I felt the history in Puente de Romana that had been built 2000 years ago.


Puente de Romana was built 2000 years ago. It is made
        only from heaping up stones.

Bridge where arch type is beautiful. Reason why bridge
         doesn't break. The stone supports it each other.


Next, we went sightseeing in the catedral and the alcazar.


Segovia's catedral is called one of the most beautiful
catedrals also in Spain. The catedral is known because
of the beauty of the stained glass and the tone of the
       pipe organ.

Queen Isabel was declared to be a king of the Espana
empire in 1474. Moreover, the alcazar became the model
of the castle of Snow White in Disneyland

    Meson de Candido
We ate lunch in restaurant "Meson de Candido" of an old history also in Segovia's town. The local dish of Meson de Candido is "Cochinillo Asado". We ate lunch in the seat on the seen window side of Puente de Romana.
Sopa de Ajo,Cochinillo Asado,Pan,Vino Y Cafe.Cochinillo Asado was soft surprisingly, and was divided with the plate by owner Luis.

       We were able to reserve the seat on the window side
  of the second floor with Meson de Candido.
It is in Puente de Romana to see our right hand.


Luis broke the plate at the end and showed it.

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